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Proprietorship Firm Registration

Sole-proprietorship Firm Registration, advantages, cost etc explained here

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Proprietorship Firm Registration

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Sole-proprietorship Firm is a very common form of doing business in India or any ware else. This is very traditional mode of business and very commonly and widely used in the world.


One Individual can come forward and start this business model in no time with some simple registrations like Trade License, Shops & Establishments License etc.


Sole-proprietor may also need to get GST Registration, IEC License, PF Registration, IEC Registration etc if they are applicable to his / her business. Normally these licenses are applicable based on number of Employees and turnover of the Sole-proprietorship Firm.


Sole-proprietor has to use his / her own PAN Number as the PAN for the Sole-proprietorship Firm also. That means one need not / can not apply PAN in the name of the Sole-proprietorship Firm.


However, Sole-proprietorship Firm may need to be converted as Partnership Firm or Private Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership firm based on the future requirements of the business or the owner(s).





  • Very very simple to start
  • Very less cost to register Proprietorship Firm
  • Total control in the Business
  • Maintenance is very less
  • Very less compliance
  • Very simple to close the business 


Documents Required


  • PAN & Aadhaar of the Owner
  • Phone Number & Email ID
  • Address proof of the Business / Office 


Time Lines


  • 1 or 2 days.





  • Trade License
  • MSME Registration
  • Business Agreements
  • Legal Documents


Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)


1. How many individuals are required to start a Proprietorship Firm Registration?

Ans: Only one Individual


2. What is the PAN of the Proprietorship Firm ?

Ans: Proprietor shall use his PAN as PAN of the Proprietorship Firm


3. What are the applicable tax rates for the Proprietorship Firm ?

Ans: Tax Rates that are applicable to Individuals are applicable to Firm also. No separate tax rates for Proprietorship Firm.


4. Which is better Partnership Firm or Proprietorship Firm ?

Ans: That depends up on factors like Control & Investment of the Business. If you want 100% control of the business in your hand and less capital is sufficient to the business then choose Proprietorship Firm. But if you need more capital and more partners / people to manage business, then go for  Partnership Firm.


5. Is Proprietorship Firm registration is mandatory ?

Ans: No, but other Licenses / Registrations like GST, PF, IEC, MSME etc may be required based on you business and number of employees.


6. What is the difference between Proprietorship Firm and  Sole Proprietorship Firm ?

Ans: Both are one and the same


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