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ROC Annual Filings - Company

Annual Filings of the Private Limited Company for one Year

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ROC Annual Filings - Company

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Private Limited Companies need to file Annual E-Filings with Registrar of Companies (ROC) through the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)  MCA 21 Portal. The Private Companies shall file the following on annual basis after completion of the Annual General Meeting {AGM} or within the time in which AGM should have been held.


1. Form AOC-4 (within 30 days from the Annual General Meeting {AGM}).

2. Form MGT-7 (within 60 days from the Annual General Meeting {AGM}).

3. Form ADT-1 (if applicable)




  • Timely Compliance saves thousands and lakhs of rupees
  • On time compliance gives good gesture in the Corporate Environment
  • Management can have better sleep
  • Non adherence attracts Penalties, Fines, Interests and legal proceedings like imprisonment   
  • Value of the Company increases


Documents Required


  • Audited Financial Statements along with supporting documents
  • Audit Report along with Director's Report
  • DSC of the Director (s)
  • Annual Return Extract
  • Auditor's Consent Letter (if applicable)
  • Other supporting documents


Time Lines


  • 1 or 2 working days




  • Form AOC-4 along with ROC Challan
  • Form MGT-7 along with ROC Challan
  • Form ADT-1  along with ROC Challan (if applicable)



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